Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Working Title

I said I'd post ideas up, so here's one now:
Title: Ugh, I have no idea. Nothing I can come up with seems to fit just right. For now it's "Neighborhood Story" or something dull like that.

Setting: In a small town right next to a fairly big city in New York. (It's not really important where) I guess the time period would be present day, as it makes more sense. The time span is a whole summer, starting in early June and going until the very beginning of September.

Plot: 15-year-old Lady McAllister, a rich and spoiled child, had always lived a carefree life. After all, when your father owned three major companies there wasn't much you couldn't have. She believed that her childhood happiness would stretch out forever in a never ending dream... until she was rudely awakened by reality. Her parents announced one day that, by the end of the summer, Lady would be carted off to an all girls' boarding school far away where she would attend highschool for the next four years.
Frantically clinging to what's left of her old life, Lady strives for a way to keep what's hers. In the midst of it, she finds an old trunk from her child hood...

Lady McAllister
Age 14 (Turns 15 at the end of June)
A headstrong girl who's only concern is really herself with the exception of those she deeply cares about. She enjoys her wealthy lifestyle, but feels as though she doesn't need it. She despises her parents for not ever being around to take care of her and her sister, Marley. Her hatred towards her parents increases when they announce that they're sending her away.
Lady's a bit eccentric and doesn't really care about what others think of her. Unless they're very close to her, she doesn't pay any mind to anyone else. She sees others as tools she can use to get what she wants. But truth be told, she keeps a sheild around herself to protect her true feelings: She's deeply afraid of change.
Lately, Lady has been realizing changes within herself, mostly concerning her feeling towards her childhood friend, Antoni.

Antoni Murr
Age 13 (Turned 13 at the beginning of May)
Lady's childhood friend. Lady and Antoni have known each other for a very long time and, as a result, the two have become very close. Antoni is generally laid back, which unfortunately puts him in the position to be taken advantage of, whether it's by Lady or the girls in his class. As laid back as he seems, he acts a bit different around Lady since she is only of the few people able to shake his cool. Since he's known Lady since they were little, Antoni is used to, though quite wary, of his friend's antics. He cares about her a lot and tends to worry when she begins doing strange things.
Because of Antoni's long hair and 'girly' appearance, he was teased alot as a kid. Lady became his body guard for most of their childhood. In some ways, he still depends on her for protection. Unbeknowst to both of them, the two are unexplainably drawn to one another.

Marlena "Marley" McAllister
Age 12 (Will turn 13 next February)
Lady's little sister. Despite all of her flaws, Marley loves her older sister and looks up to her. Because their parents are barely every around, it is Lady who takes care of her and Marely is very appreciative of that. Because this, the girl will do almost anything for her sister which includes going along with Lady's hijinks, even if it gets her in trouble. She will do almost anything her sister says, no questions asked.
Though because of her dependancy on her sister, Marley often finds her self at a loss. Many times she feels inferior to her sister, even though she loves her so. One of the things that unsettles her is her notice of her sister's knew feelings towards Antoni. Marley has loved Antoni since she was little, though it wasn't until recently did she start to feel jealous of him.

Zachary "Zack" Lersin
Age 16
Another one of Lady's childhood friends. Ever since he went off to highschool about a year ago, the two have drifted apart. Unlike Antoni, Zack actually has known Lady forever, the Lersins and the McAllisters being family friends. Because of this, he feels very protective of her and is one of the people who believes it that it is better to leave her old life behind, so she can join him at school. (Zack goes to the all boys boarding school right next to the school Lady will go to.)
Zack is an easy going and laid back fellow. He gets bored easily by himself, instead finding it more fun to go along with what others are doing. Towards Lady, Zack tends to show off alot and believes that she'd be better off with him than anyone else. Truth be told, he has a bit of an ego, mostly do to how he was raised and his popularity with females.
All and all, it seems the more that Lady is dragged away from her old life, the more she is forced towards Zack.
Hmm, so it has a long way to go and I'm sure there's many inconsistencies in it, but whatever for now. Hopefully someday I'll be able to draw it out myself. :3

- Razu


When people think 'manga' or 'anime', visions of slutty girls in tight outfits and big bossomers seem to saunter into the imagination. Though that stereotype really only applies to a handful of anime (quite a large handful, unfortunately), many who don't indulge in japanese comics will only ever see it this way. Personally, I think that's rather sad.
But! That's not the point of this post. While it is annoying to see closed minded people say things about a topic they don't understand, we have to realize that they are just that: close minded people. They have their own potential to open their minds to knew things which then leads to the possibility of becoming otakus like the rest of us... And I'm still going off on a tagent.
That mini rant aside, I feel like posting some of my ideas up. And since sharing ideas with others (although no one really reads this anyways) is good for creative stimulation, post them I shall.
...Right after I finish watching Princess Tutu. :3

- Razu

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh Dear.

Ahhhh! It's happened again! No, I have not lost my mind. Yet. Once again I've become obsessed over a video game. But not just a video game, oh no! An amazingly wonderfully addicting video game: Katamari Damacy, of course.
Now for my non-readers that have no idea what this crazy lady's talking about: You're really missing something. Basically, the story is about an itty-bitty prince with a cylinder head and his dad, the all powerful, and just as cylinder headed, King of the Cosmos. So apparently, the prince's dad was drinking one night and ends up going on a rampage which ultimately destroys all the stars i the universe. How this is possible, I have no idea. But the prince ends up having to fix things simply because his dad makes him do it. Talk about good parenting.
Fortunately for the player, this makes things alot more interesting because in order to put all the stars back in the sky, you have to roll up anything and everything using an adhesive ball, called a Katamari. In most levels, you start out pretty small, around 10cm or 50cm. The goal for that level is to then roll up enough stuff (and seriously, when I say anything, I mean anything) to reach a set size, like 1m or 6m.
Not only is this game incredibly entertaining and challenging, it also comes with colorful graphics and addictive music. You've got to hand it to the japanese, they make odd but amazing video games.
Found in your local gaming store. :3

- Razu


Hello and welcome to my brand new blog, Raspberry Dreams, run by a teenager with no life. Okay, maybe half a life. Anywhoo, I realize that nobody's probably reading this. I mean, why would you? There's nothing really remotely interesting up here. Yet. Oh well~ You guys will come around soon enough...
This post is simply for introduction's sake, so my blog doesn't look completely empty. I supposed I should list stuff about myself or even what I plan to do on here. Well, I'll let you guys figure out who I am, (mostly because I'm a paranoid freak who's afraid of stalkers), for now. And I guess this blog will mostly be used to post rants, interesting articles (if I can pull it off), art, story ideas, and whatever else I want.
M'kay, so that's it then! Have a nice day~ :3

- Razu